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Andersons Produce keep Point of Lay Pullets all year round for your convenience. We sell pullets that are bred for laying mainly the HiSex Commercial Browns. At times we have the Black Pullets in stock that are an Australorpe/Rhode Is Red Cross and White Pullets  that are a Leghorn cross. Every two weeks we have a new stock of day old chickens and meat chickens.  We also sell Budgies & cages for anyone who would like a small pet.

We sell top quality bird seed for all your Poultry, Large Parrots, Small Parrots, Finches,  Pigeons & Budgies from reliable stockists such as, Laucke Mills, Barastock, QPD Feeds, Jenco & AGM Feeds & Avigrain.

Waters & Feeders are a constant in our shop and much more……………..


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